Jose Fernandez was everything that baseball should be


Jose Fernandez was everything that baseball should be. He was the definition of role model. He was intense. He was serious. He was passionate. He was fun-as-hell. He was a kid.

Everyone says there is a “right way” to play baseball. Jose is one of the few who actually did. The game has become too serious. Somewhere along the line rules were instituted that you had to take the game seriously at all times. That you couldn’t have fun. Jose broke all of those rules. He would watch his home runs leave the park and laugh after he struck you out on 3 pitches. And now he’s gone. One of the best pitchers the game of baseball has ever seen, and he’s gone.

All 30 Major League teams will honor Jose the rest of the season in ways they see fit. The best way to honor him? Be a kid. Have fun. Play the game the way it was meant to be played. Smile. Cherish every second of life, just like Jose did.

Goodbye, Jose. Thanks for all of the memories.

*Picture used without permission from the Miami Marlins.